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ANDIE CASE: In todays day and age, there are so many beautiful singers, talented artists, and entertainers that can grab your attention. It is rare, however, to find all three of these attributes in one person. Over the past year, Andie Case an incredibly talented 18 yr-old singer/songwriter, has proven to 
the world that she has all of these remarkable qualities and more. Not only has she been taking the Seattle area by storm with her beautiful smile, but her powerhouse vocals and positive attitude bring a new energy to today’s music scene. 

Andie's love of music started in the fifth grade when she sang “Instead" by Stacie Orrico for a talent show. This sparked the passion for singing in Andie that has led her to become the successful artist she is today. She impresses her fans with her powerful vocals, and ​she charms them with her guitar playing and gifted songwriting. Upon meeting Andie it is quite obvious that her musical talents aren’t her only notable qualities: in addition to her talent and beauty, she is exceptionally humble and sweet. Andie spends her free time volunteering for youth, working for charities, and replying to her fan mail, constantly thanking everyone for their support. 

A mere eight months ago, Andie debuted her self financed EP on Facebook and YouTube and in no time has gained the attention of fans worldwide and thousands of plays. Andie has recently begun recording original music in Los Angeles with legendary producer Mohamed Moretta (Diana Ross, Kool & the Gang) and Grammy producer/songwriter Pete Stewart (Casting Crowns, Toby Mac, Macklemore) Andie's independent EP is slated to be released in May, 2012. Be ready! :)

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Also sharing the stage with 
Andie Case, will be...

Grammy Award Winning
Pete Stewart

And special guests...
Martyr Reef

Sat. March 10, 2012
@ 8pm

Andie Case LIVE 
at The REC Room 

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