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~ A Premiere Recording Artists' Showcase Venue ~

- 48 ch British Console
- Pro Tools HD 3 Accel
- Pre & Post Production
- 6 Isolation Rooms
- Mastering Services

ButterSound Studios
ButterSound Studios is the heart within the hidden Ultra-Lounge setting of "The REC Room".  With a large sound proofed Control Room & Isolation Booths, we produce albums, videos, and excellent live recordings. 

A Green Room, VIP Room, and semi-commercial Kitchen are all part of the package when booking & hosting Showcase events and upscale parties.

"The REC Room" is Full-Production Facility,  Showcase Venue & Ultra Lounge, as well as the home of ButterSound Recording Studios.  

Our Mission and business model is to provide the whole Venue for the Featured Artist. 
A complete Pro Tools Recording, 5 hours of   post-production & Mix is FREE, as they pre-book the Room with 50 guests.
- Back-Line Gear
- 30 foot Stage
- V.I.P. Room
- Green Room
- Full Kitchen
1905 Hewitt, Everett, WA 98201  ~  (425) 322-5560 
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